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December 20, 2014
10 Worst Websites For 2013

The butterflies in this web design signifies growth, fertility and all things positive.With everything and most information at our fingertips, more and more businesses are taking advantage of the Internet to expand their market and using this channel as their marketing tool to increase the visibility of their companies or brands. This is also some of the main reasons why most companies or businesses now a days own a corporate website. The other kicks of setting up a company website is also for the convenience of their customers, seeing that the company could make timely updates of their latest happenings on the Internet.

However, while the demand for corporate web designs are increasing web designers need to take note that corporate web designs are different from a normal website and each company website’s style will vary from one to another. This is because a corporate or company website will showcase the style of a particular company, their corporate goals, image, brand and in some cases even their products. The corporate web designs for each company should vary to attract the different targeted customers and also to appeal to future customers as well. The design of a company website should convey the information or image of a company to the viewers allowing the viewers to relate to their products or services through the corporate web designs.

Some companies offers professional services, where as some are looking to reinforce or build up a brand image; either way the corporate web design for a company’s website should serve as a tool to leave a strong impression on the viewers. Therefore, the web designs for companies who offer professional services, such as banking, accounting or consultation firms may look different to those who offer design services. While certain business tend to look formal and rigid, those who provide artistic services tend to allow their web designs to look a little more casual in order to allow them to express their creativity.

Therefore, some of the key points when it comes to designing company websites are the color palettes, layout or arrangement and style. Most company websites prefer to dwell on lighter color palettes to give their website a formal and cleaner look, the other reason is to promote easy reading. The layout or the arrangement for company websites should also be neat to promote easy navigation in order to avoid confusion among viewers. The corporate web designs should also reflect on the image of the company, some might want it to look classy but with a splash of creativity, but others might prefer it to look simple for easy navigation; either way a corporate web designs should avoid complicated structures or designs.

Here, we hope you enjoy our collection of corporate web designs, we hope these will inspire you to build a company website that will leave a strong impression on your business.

The design for this web creates an image through its well known car shapes and design. Graphics or mascot used in the web design can help customer relate to the company’s image or brand. The classy design of this web is brought out by the color choices. A minimal design to reduce clutter for better readability.
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