February 29, 2024
Code.org celebrates third

Watch this "How To" video

This Hour of Code "Walkthrough" video explains exactly what's involved in offering the Hour of Code in your classroom or after school program. If you're planning on participating in the Hour of Code, or if you have any questions, watch it!

Poster to recruit participants:

Print these posters (ideally on a color printer, or on nice, large poster paper at Kinko's), and hang it up where participants can see it.

Show this video to participants

The Code.org videos have been tested and proven to resonate with people of all ages. There is a 1-minute version and a 5-minute version.

Sample email to mailing list

Subject: The Hour of Code campaign

Our world is surrounded by technology. Information, commerce, communication, and entertainment all rely on computers. But only a tiny fraction of us learn computer science, the basics of how computers work, or how to create software, apps, or web sites.

This year, to celebrate Computer Science Education Week (Dec 8-14), we're joining a massive campaign to prepare our population for the 21st century.

The Hour of Code campaign has an audacious goal: to introduce 10 million students to one hour of computer science. I encourage all of you to participate, in two ways:

1) We want every member touched by our organization to participate as students in December - we should all spend one hour to learn the basics of computer science

Source: csedweek.org
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