Math Computer

October 11, 2023
Or perhaps you would prefer a

Reaches way beyond traditional limitations to complex real-world solutions

Radiates confidence at applying math everywhere

Achieves so much more by standing on the power of automation

Experienced at following the right path to a solution

First-rate problem solver, not a third-rate computer

Understands the heart of math concepts, not just calculation processes

The importance of math to jobs, society, and thinking has exploded over the last few decades. Meanwhile, math education is in worldwide crisis—diverging more and more from what's required by countries, industry, further education... and students.

Computers are key to bridging this chasm: only when they do the calculating is math applicable to hard questions across many contexts. Real-life math has been transformed by computer-based calculation; now mainstream math education needs this fundamental change too.

math ≠ calculating math » calculating is the project to perform this reset. We're building a completely new math curriculum with computer-based computation at its heart, while campaigning at all levels to redefine math education away from historical hand-calculating techniques and toward real-life problem-solving situations that drive high-concept math understanding and experience.

Math Genius vs Computer
Math Genius vs Computer
Kids Play Math Computer Games
Kids Play Math Computer Games
math teacher computer shadow april fools prank
math teacher computer shadow april fools prank

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