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January 24, 2024
Senior Web Developer

In this Nanodegree program, you’ll build 5 portfolio-worthy projects. We have designed these projects to accommodate a range of skill levels. Each project is linked to a supporting course (or courses) for those students who need to add a particular skill or skills in order to successfully complete the project.

Meet-Up Event Planner

You will build a responsive web application that allows the user to establish a meet-up event. The goal is to create an app that is a joy to use on both desktop and mobile. The application must allow someone to name their event, search for a host location (using a location API like Foursquare), set the capacity of the event, the start and end times, and input a description of the event.

Prepare for this project with: Building High Conversion Web Forms and Web Tooling and Automation.

Public Transportation App

You will build an application that allows users to select a departure and arrival train station, and see a list of trains, times, and durations. A default train schedule will be provided that should be used when the application is offline. If a network connection exists, the application will query an endpoint that provides “real-time” status updates on trains and delay information.

Prepare for this project with: Promises and Building Offline-First Web Apps.

Restaurant Reviewer

You will develop a restaurant review application with a focus on accessibility. You will remotely access JSON files containing restaurant information (including name, a photograph, address, cuisine type and operating hours) as well as JSON files containing review information for each restaurant (name of reviewer, date of review, 5-star rating and comments). The reviews application must include an application header, and a menu providing multiple ways to filter the restaurants (by cuisine, by location, etc). When viewing a specific restaurant, current reviews must be displayed along with a form for the user to submit their own review.

Prepare for this project with: Accessible Web Applications COMING SOON!

Corporate Dashboard

You will develop a corporate dashboard application in a component-oriented manner. The dashboard application must contain a header (with the currently selected dashboard’s name), and a menu, allowing the user to navigate between dashboards. You will be provided data endpoints to develop the following dashboards in which all components must be declaratively configurable (colors, titles, etc.):

A geospatial view, identifying the number of employees at various company locations A “key metrics” view, containing components displaying: the number of open issues, a line chart reflecting number of paying customers over a period of time, and a bar chart reflecting number of reported issues over a period of time A “data view, ” providing a spreadsheet-style view of all issues that is sortable and filterable. An issue contains: submission timestamp, customer name, customer email address, description, open/closed status, closed timestamp, employee name. Prepare for this project with: Component-Oriented Development with Polymer


In this capstone project, students will build their own application using signature native application features such as device sensor access, offline-first, and more.

Source: www.udacity.com
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