Computer Science areas of study

March 8, 2024
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Today's job market has a high demand for college graduates with degrees in computer science, computer information systems and information technology. According to the United States Bureau of Labor, opportunity for computing professionals is very good. With more choices and greater opportunities, it's never been a better time to begin a career in computing.


The Department of Computer Science offers an applied computer science program which can lead to one of the following degrees:

  • The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in computer science gives you the best foundation in computer science, mathematics and natural science. This degree enables you to pursue the broadest range of computing careers.
  • The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in computer information systems is designed for the student who is interested in a career in business. This degree complements your computer knowledge with a minor in general business.
  • The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in information technology gives you the greatest flexibility in designing your own degree plan to meet your career goals. This degree is great for those students who want to combine computing with a discipline outside of mathematics, natural science, or business.


Regardless of your career choice, today's job market requires workers to have strong computing skills. We've designed the following minors to provide you with the skills you need to succeed.

  • The Computer Science minor is designed to give you the strongest technical background and will support your needs for a mathematics or science major.
  • The Computer Information Systems minor provides options you'll need for a major in accounting, economics, finance, general business, management, marketing or international business.
  • The Information Technology minor is the most flexible minor. This minor can be customized to any major at SFA.

Student Organizations

The Computer Science Club brings students together that have an interest in computing. A variety of events are sponsored by the club each year including guest speakers, picnics, field trips, LAN parties, and programming contests.

State-of-the-Art Research Areas in Computer Science
State-of-the-Art Research Areas in Computer Science
Computer Science
Computer Science
What is Computer Science ,areas of study , plans for careers
What is Computer Science ,areas of study , plans for careers

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