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July 21, 2022
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I am an experienced developer of database-driven websites required to perform complex information processing, storage, analysis and reporting tasks. Put simply, I write the programs that enable websites to do much more than just display static pages. In addition to my technical expertise I have a good understanding of the human and commercial aspects of web development such as navigability for end users and optimization for search engines.

Technical overview:


Programming websites in PHP using MySQL databases: My experience in PHP includes writing my own PHP classes to handle database queries and output results; My experience in MySQL includes using Full-text indexing to allow database search results to be ranked for relevance and for semantic keyword searches to be performed.

ASP/SQL Server/Access

Programming websites in ASP using Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access: My experience in ASP includes writing my own ASP functions to prevent run-time errors, SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting attacks; My experience with SQL Server includes writing my own stored procedures in Transact-SQL to facilitate faster database searches.


I am familiar with a vast array of PHP functions and ASP components, including using Regular Expressions to perform complex string analysis and manipulation tasks. I am also very experienced at designing relational databases, writing multi-table SQL queries/views and creating file structures for complex websites. I am comfortable developing in either Linux or Windows server environments and have experience configuring both these platforms.


Programming in JavaScript for a variety of client-side tasks, from simple form validation to dynamic HTML. Implementing AJAX to create more 'application-like' websites that use JavaScript event-handlers to call server-side scripts and return dynamic content. Integrating complex JavaScript controls into CMS for rich-text editing and image editing facilities.

Source: www.theblackotter.com
PHP - better web programming skills
PHP - better web programming skills
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Web Programming
Web Programming

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