What is Applied Computer Science?

February 21, 2023
Applied Computer Science

Applied computing uses the practical application of computer principles, concepts and technologies to address real-world problems. Read on to learn more about this field and how to enter it. Schools offering .

Applied Computing Defined

Applied computing uses aspects of computer science to solve problems in various disciplines, including politics, business, education and the environment. Working in this field, you'll likely use a range of programming, software engineering, graphic applications, networking and operating systems management skills to collect, analyze, store and distribute information that will help resolve issues for individuals, groups and companies.

Important Facts About This Field Of Study

Degree Field Computer science
Online Availability Degree/concentration dependent but some degree programs available online
Key Skills

Undergraduate and Graduate Education Tracks

Schools offer both bachelor's and master's degrees in applied computing. Sometimes schools offer applied computing as concentrations in broader degree programs, such as applied science or computing and software systems. Your coursework in these programs could include topics such as computing basics, programming, software engineering and analysis. Electives typically include network design, database systems, computer graphics and computer simulation models and theory. Many programs require a capstone project that showcases your applied computing skills, and some offer internship options as well.

Career Options and Opportunities

Job titles and duties vary by industry or sector, but positions that require applied computing knowledge generally involve maintaining computer systems or developing computer software or applications. Your traditional career options in applied computing include network management, database administration, systems analysis, technical support engineering and software engineering.

Earning an education in applied computing could also prepare you for graduate study in law or medicine. As an example, applied computing is often used in biomedical research, performing tasks such as molecular sequence analysis, DNA mapping or virtual cell modeling.

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