What is program in Computer Science?

August 4, 2023
Analytical Engine[edit]

Students interested in Computer Science may earn their Doctor of Philosophy through SEAS. Doctoral students may earn the Master of Science (SM) degree en route to the Ph.D. Additionally, some Harvard College students may be eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science (A.B./S.M.) program. (More information on this program can be found here.) Current Harvard students interested in more information about obtaining an S.M. degree in Computer Science in addition to their other degree program should review the SM Degree Requirements.
At this time, Harvard SEAS is not admitting students to the terminal SM or ME degree programs in Computer Science.
Harvard offers two master’s degrees in Computational Science and Engineering which may be of interest to applicants who wish to apply directly to a master’s program.

PhD Model Program

Model programs presents SEAS-wide course requirements for the Ph.D. degree with area-specific course requirements, guidelines, and model programs that are intended to help students develop programs with sound intellectual frameworks.

Source: www.seas.harvard.edu
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