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October 19, 2023
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Every day there are new innovations that make the Internet even more integrated in our lives, and in Full Sail’s Web Design & Development degree program, students learn the tools and technology needed to understand the language of web design and how to take that knowledge into a professional career creating a variety of interactive web content.

The Web Design & Development degree covers both front end and back end development. You’ll learn to concept, code, and publish your own standards-based content for a variety of formats, including the Web, smartphones and tablets. Working on these projects you’ll be able to master the multiple languages used in interactive design such as HTML5, CSS, XML, ActionScript, JavaScript, and more in order to develop a well-rounded skill set.

In addition, you’ll take courses that teach you how to design and produce the visual elements for a site. This includes the development of raster and vector graphics for the web, as well as how to draw and animate your own digital content.

General career development skills are also covered, such as computer business applications, personal finance management, and communication. You’ll also learn portfolio creation, as well as how to prepare yourself for that first step into the web design industry – whether you want to pursue a role at a web development studio, or launch your own entrepreneurial venture.

Whatever drives your passion for web design, you’ll be armed with the same tools being used by professional developers to increase the usefulness of the Internet for billions of users across the globe.

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