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September 23, 2022
A Little About Derby Based Web

University of Advancing Technology’s (UAT) online web design bachelor’s degree combines advancing web design methodologies and marketing technologies to create a unique fusion of technically skilled and artistically experienced professionals. Graduates of this online web design degree program will join 30 years of respected graduates working at the highest levels within the AV, virtual reality and animation disciplines.

As an elite technology university, UAT’s online web design degree is earned as a Bachelor of Science. Our online web design courses combine the most critical and best-of-class elements of our residential web design degree as well as our ability to leverage learning online through advancing technology as you might expect from a top technology college.

The curriculum for this online web design degree has been designed to be more encompassing and more in depth across the design, technical and converging coding disciplines. Our online web design major graduates earn a Bachelor of Science in Web Design in contrast to the many available Bachelor of Arts web design degree programs. The primary focus of this web design degree major is creating elite web design and web development professionals who will have mastery over the advancing realm of digital web design.

Students within the online web design major will complete online web design courses that comprise aesthetic principles such as graphics for web design, as well as the typography and color theories required to help transform students into maestros of web design. Building from this knowledge base, students will use advanced web design tools to develop and deploy fully functioning web presences with a full understanding of the creation and production processes. Students enrolled in this online web design major will gain best-of-class web design and development experience by applying new marketing techniques and advancing technology strategies to earn their online web design degree.

Students will learn to optimize online web designs in both mobile and traditional modes. Students who major in web design online at UAT will research and explore online web design strategies and create online experiences designed to marvel, amaze and entice the end user.

Graduates from the online web design bachelor’s degree will be prepared for careers as UI web designers, web analysts, user experience web designers, web design information architects, web producers, web design digital marketing specialists and more.

Web design is now converging with the formal arts of film and the more mature art of animating and motion. Advancing technology has cast web design to become the center of all business, social and government efforts. With the completion of this elite web design degree you will gain the ability to communicate viscerally with users of your web designs and most importantly, you will gain the ability to influence the world to think deeper as they interact with your work.

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