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October 14, 2022
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Research published in "Educational Researcher" cites the "American Journal of Education" as being one of the eleven academic journals in the field of education that has "impact."

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - A recent survey of more than 300 of the nation's top university scholars in the field of education has placed the Penn State-based publication American Journal of Education among eleven core academic journals with "demonstrated impact."

Researcher Rodney K. Goodyear (University of Redlands) and his colleagues analyzed 126 education-focused academic journals and published their findings in the article "The Intellectual Foundations of Education: Core Journals and Their Impacts on Scholarship and Practice" in the journal Educational Researcher.
LeTendre.jpg "This is a remarkable achievement given that AJE moved to Penn State less than ten years ago after a period of decline and a missed year of publication in 2002, " says Gerald LeTendre, editor of American Journal of Education. LeTendre assumed leadership of the journal after the passing of William L. Boyd in 2008. College of Education graduate students Emily Crawford (Educational Theory and Policy) and Melanie Fedri (Higher Education) are the current managing editors.

"Under the leadership of Bill Boyd, " LeTendre continues, "AJE flourished."

Goodyear and his colleagues asked their survey respondents to assess education journals across several factors, including scholarship, policy and practice, and impact. The authors noted that concept of "impact" is far ranging, "(It) overlaps with the less explicit concepts of journal prestige, reputation, and quality."

Many other fields are highly focused disciplines. They may be served by only a handful of academic journals, and the hierarchy of those journals is relatively apparent. The field of education is a complex weave of disciplines and subject matter, which makes being identified as a core journal special for AJE.

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