Mathematics and Computer Education

January 17, 2020
Mathematics and Computer

Programs at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) are designed to expand your child’s mind through the development of critical thinking, logic and reasoning skills.

Students Learning Advanced Mathematics

Each program's curriculum was developed by the IMACS Curriculum Development Group (CDG), which consists of mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, technical editors, graphic designers and programmers.

After-School & Weekend Program

At the heart of IMACS is an extraordinary curriculum, carefully crafted to develop both the skill of genuine logical reasoning and the joy found in thinking mathematically. From Mathematics Enrichment to Computer Programming to university-level coursework, IMACS classes produce students that are poised to achieve uncommon success in their academic and professional careers. Simply put, IMACS graduates have an unfair advantage over their peers.

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Hi-Tech Summer Camp

Both sports and academics provide an opportunity for children to experience accomplishment and discover their talents. In the IMACS Hi-Tech Summer Camp students work solo and in groups to solve challenging logic puzzles, program computers & virtual robots, and build their own electronic devices!

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Homeschool Program

Enrich your homeschool curriculum with unique, carefully crafted classes. IMACS homeschool students enjoy some of IMACS most popular classes during school hours. Students learn to think critically, using logic and reasoning. Weekly individual classes and full morning programs are available.

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Distance Learning Program

For students who do not have local access to the IMACS program, our self-paced online courses allow students to explore deep subjects in a fun and interactive way.

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Mathematics and Computer Science Fair
Mathematics and Computer Science Fair
General Education 117 Mathematics for Computer Graphic and
General Education 117 Mathematics for Computer Graphic and ...

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