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June 17, 2023
Continuing Education

This certificate program prepares students to enter, or stay current with, a complex and continually evolving field. Its programmatic objectives address technical functionality and design topics while acknowledging the electronic media professional's responsibilities to organize information, communicate clearly and consider and incorporate the user's needs. From the initial creative concept through website development and management, students assemble a Web portfolio while practicing the strategies for meeting a client's expectations for timely project delivery.

Note: RISD Continuing Education is in the process of re-evaluating and updating our certificate programs. In the coming months, there will be some program and curriculum changes. For these reasons we will not be accepting new Adult Certificate candidates until Fall 2016. If you are interested in future enrollment in one of the certificate programs please complete this form indicating your interest and we will be in touch in Summer 2016 with more information. If you want to get a jump start on courses that would count toward a Certificate Program please contact the RISD|CE office at 401-454-6201 or

Please consult the Certificate Program Guide (scroll down page or download a PDF) to view the requirements, prerequisites and electives for the Web + Interactive Design Certificate Program. Each requirement listed here includes the semesters offered (F = Fall, W = Winter, SP = Spring, SU = Summer) as well as the number of contact hours for that course. Courses that are being offered this semester will also link (by clicking on the title) to the course page.

certificate program codes
Courses that apply to the Web + Interactive Design Certificate are noted with the code "WE" in the course description (required courses = WE-R; elective courses = WE-E). Note: Certificate Program codes may differ from those used in the RISD degree programs.

special electives
Courses other than those currently listed as WE-E may qualify as electives with permission of the Web + Interactive Design certificate advisor. Students with very specific professional needs should also discuss their requirements with the advisor.

academic advising
Should you have any questions not answered in the Certificate Program Guide below, please request an academic advisement appointment at 401 454-6201.

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