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October 26, 2022
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  • Information Technology - Web Development
  • Web Design and Web Development Career Information

    The Web is the ultimate playground for those with the skills and passion to shape it. Engaging and functional websites, mobile apps, and other online projects don't just build themselves. It takes professionals who know how to get the job done now while always keeping an eye on what's ahead. But careers in this field involve more than many people might realize. Everything involved in web design and web development adds up to two separate career fields that are fascinating and ever-changing.

    Why Are Web Design and Development Important?

    Technology is constantly evolving, and social norms are evolving with it. The online world is incredibly fluid. What is popular today might be forgotten about tomorrow. The behaviors and expectations of Internet users change.

    Design is important because Internet users judge a website's look and usefulness in only a few seconds. If a website isn't attractive, engaging, and easy to use, then visitors will move on—no matter how efficient the underlying code might be.

    Great online user experiences stem from the fusion of both areas.

    Web Design Overview

    This job is about more than making websites look good. It goes much further than that.

    Doing this job well requires a combination of creative intuition with a sense for what is practical and technically feasible. Web design is built upon the fundamentals of traditional graphic design (e.g., form, composition, color, and typography), but its biggest purpose lies in crafting great online interactions and user experiences.

    How It Differs from Graphic Design

    Whereas many graphic designers develop end solutions that are static (such as for print media), web designers must create solutions that account for the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the Web.

    Like graphic designers, web designers must combine images and type into a coherent package that produces the intended results of a planned branding or communications strategy. Often, however, they must also design web pages in a way that encourages visitors of those pages to take specific actions.

    In short, it is about more than aesthetics. Carried out to its full potential, it can rightfully be called user experience (UX) design.

    Web designers:

  • Are concerned with how a website looks as well as how visitors interact with it
  • Tend to be big-picture thinkers and possess some artistic talent
  • Often have an understanding of branding and marketing
  • Know how to work with typography, images, color, and layout to produce websites that visitors want to use
  • Work primarily with creative software tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Fireworks
  • Usually have at least a working knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Job Description

    A typical workday for web designers depends a lot on their current projects and where they are in the process of carrying them out.

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