Education Week 2014

February 18, 2022
Open Education Week 2014:

Get to Know Your Education Support Professionals!

Today we celebrate our nation's school support staff and their tireless work in meeting the needs of the whole student. See how Native American specialist Cecil Crawford is addressing a critical need by helping to lower the dropout rate at his school.

What is American Education Week?

American Education Week—November 16-20, 2015—presents all Americans with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education. This year’s theme is "Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility, " and will be reflected in special observances each day of the weeklong celebration:

Read more about the history of American Education Week, and see below for highlights from the 2014 celebration.

Online Q&A: The Power of Teacher-Parent Relationships For Student Success

Our Q&A has ended, but you can still visit our Facebook page and read through the great advice and discussion between parents and educators. Weigh in with your own ideas and keep the conversation going!

NEA's American Education Week in the Media

Follow of NEA's AEW2015 Tour all week long for the latest news and highlights from celebrations across the nation.

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2014-12-01 EPI International Education Week
2014-12-01 EPI International Education Week
Catholic Education Week 2014
Catholic Education Week 2014
Education Week 2014 - Lisa Wilkinson
Education Week 2014 - Lisa Wilkinson

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