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June 21, 2023
Learn to code - Basic


Wall Maps

Big, bold wall maps add color and interest to your office, classroom, dorm room or even a wall in your home. Manage a sales territory? Use push pins in the map to show current and future branch locations or to provide a handy reference for your market areas. Teaching a class? Use a national or global map to help students visualize the "where" behind current and historical events.

Mapping Software

Tired of trying to fold and unfold maps in the car? Now you don't have to. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, our selection of Mapping software makes it simple to find all the best routes for your upcoming trips. You'll even get the low down on the nearest hotels, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals and more. Mapping software for Canada, Mexico and many other countries is available as well.


If you write-or read-a lot, you'll want a dictionary nearby for looking up the meaning and spelling of tricky words. Dictionaries come in a variety of options including paperback, hardcover, Spanish and software editions. A thesaurus is another invaluable tool for professionals and students. When you just can't think of the right word, a paper or electronic thesaurus provides you with a list of possibilities!

Graphic Design Software

Words on a page become a thing of beauty when they're designed with the right fonts, photographs and illustrations. Looking to create brochures, annual reports and print ads for business clients? Or maybe you're a volunteer producing fliers or newsletters for your local school? From basic to advanced versions, you'll find the graphic design software that meets your needs. Nearly all products are compatible with Mac- and PC.

Web Design Software

Websites are more popular, and varied, than ever. From simple "web brochures" to robust e-commerce websites, from blogs to sites optimized for mobile phones, there's a type of website for every need. Website design software has kept pace, with a range of products for the newbie to the agency-based web developer. Decide what your online goal is, then choose the web design software that meets your experience level. Windows and Mac versions are available.

Anti-virus Software

You invest a great deal of time, energy and money into your technology, and you trust it to keep your professional and personal data secure. It's vital that you protect your computer, files, identity and privacy with up-to-date security and anti-virus software. Options include anti-virus, spy sweepers, internet security suites, identity protection software and more from trusted companies like Trend Micro, Norton, McAfee and AVG Technologies.

Educational Software

Now you can take a class without leaving your desk! Educational software lets people of all ages learn or enhance a wide variety of skills, from typing or speaking a new language to playing the guitar. For children, choose from titles including the Disney Fun & Skills and the JumpStart series, helping growing minds have fun while learning reading, math and other important age-specific skills.

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