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December 27, 2023
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People interested in science and mathematics and have analytical and problem-solving skills are suited best suited for computer science degrees. Computer science degrees generally allow the students to learn and adapt to new ideas and new technologies. A computer scientist’s work falls under three categories;

  1. Building and designing software
  2. Developing ways to handle computing problems efficiently and effectively such as information storage in databases, data transfer and sharing over networks or developing new ways to solve security problems.
  3. Developing new and more efficient ways to solve problems in the areas of computer vision, robotics or digital forensics.

Normally, there are different types of degrees in the field of computer science, the choice of the degree to take largely depends on the interest you have in computers .Below are the major computer science degrees:

General computer science degree

Students taking the general computer science degree learn the basic technology involved in making computers. Students also learn to develop new technologies and critically analyze problems. General computer science students are required to have an excellent understanding of data analysis, computing and mathematical concepts. After a successful study and completion of the general computer science degree, most graduates should expect to find jobs in the field of research.

The graduates may also get employed by organizations in need of professional expertise to help develop and maintain hardware and software. Majority of the employers will demand a bachelors degree although one can further pursue masters degree or an associate degree.

In order to enhance your skills, one may also decide to pursue another degree such as a degree in information sciences or engineering along with the general computer science degree.

Computer Programming

Students taking this degree learn the skills involved in developing, testing and maintaining the computer programming language that determines how computers function. The students are also taught how to develop new computer programming languages.

The graduates who successfully complete and attain the bachelors degree in computer programming are likely to find employment opportunities in software developing companies and also companies that are involved in creation and packaging of specialized software programs like general-use software, educational packages and games.

The computer programming expert should be able to clearly understand what the employer or the client needs and also he or she must have a firm technical base. Graduates can expect to work with wireless application companies, web-based companies, multimedia companies and in cyber-security.

Computer Networking and Technology

Students pursuing the degree in computer networking and technology will be taught the recent practises, theories and trends in computer technology and networking. The students pursuing this degree will study the operating systems thoroughly and also how the components and structures of a computer network are maintained. Graduates of computer networking and technology degree should expect to be employed as computer support specialists, network analysts or network administrators.

Internet Technology Security

The students taking the internet technology security degree are taught the attacks, risks and threats of the cyber world. The students are learn the procedures and technologies that are used in designing usable and secure information systems. The students are also taught on the ways to offer adequate security to the information systems that are already existing including databases, applications and networking. The graduates of the internet technology security degree should expect to be employed as chief security officers, security analysts or information security leaders. Their roles being to protect the company against cyber attacks and provide adequate network security.

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