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March 29, 2023
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When your company last needed a new employee or intern, where did you turn and what results did you get? Was it an onslaught of unqualified resumes or a lack thereof? If so, then maybe you need to look at some different ways to promote your current job offerings. The following are some ways to incorporate social media into your search for qualified employees.

Create a Careers Page or Blog Post on Your Website

Having a permanent careers page is even better because you can keep the lines of communication open for prospects to send you their resume, even when you are not actively looking. This way, you can keep a database of potential candidates ready when you need some help.

Promote Your Job Opening on Your Social Networks

Next on the list is to promote your new opening on your social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. This is just as simple as sharing the link with all of your fans and followers through a status update.

In the above tweet, you can see that this fun job listing was not only shown to the Twitter user’s 5, 400+ followers but was also retweeted by six other people, increasing the exposure to an additional 2, 100+ people. If you have a strong enough following, you’re talking about tons of exposure for your job listing at zero cost.

Create a Custom Tab on Your Facebook Page

Another way to take your job listing a step further on social media is creating a custom tab on your Facebook page for your job openings. Get in touch with someone who knows how to add custom content to Facebook pages and have them do something as simple as import your current careers page into a tab on your Facebook page using iframes.

Now you can receive applicants from your Facebook fans as well as your website. This is a great way to increase the number of potential qualified applicants to your open job positions.

Search for Job Candidates on LinkedIn

Want access to a community of 161 professionals worldwide? Then don’t dismiss LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers premium account options for companies looking to hire the top talent.

Having a premium account will allow you to use advanced search filters to find just the right candidates. You will also get free InMails per month that allows you to contact anyone on LinkedIn – LinkedIn users with free accounts can only contact those that they are directly connected with or those whom they have connections in common.

If you don’t want to actively search, LinkedIn also allows you to create job listings targeted to your region. You can add these listings to your LinkedIn company page to help more LinkedIn job seekers find your opportunities.

Market Your Job Opening on YouTube

Last, but not least, take advantage of video marketing by creating a video about why people would want to work for your company. The following is a great example with the goal of encouraging more interns to join a small business Internet marketing team.

By adding a little personality to your careers page and having a video to share on your other social media profiles, you will help potential job candidates see why they would want to apply for your current job openings. This could lead to you finding the perfect candidate that not only fits the job description but also the right person to complement your existing team.

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Promote and Sell Micro Jobs at
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Promote Your Jobs with Referrals-on-Demand

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