What is a Web Designer Salary?

October 5, 2022
Salary.com, which is generally

Web Designer in Seattle:

"I like making a product usable."

Pros: I like building something new. I like making a more accessible user experience.

Cons: The beaurocracy.

Web Designer in Washington:

"Creative work in the government."

Pros: My team is small which allows for more opportunities to take on larger, high-profile projects, but also keeps the general integrity of production quality. Our team has become well known around the Department as a reliable group producing great work.

Cons: In working with the government, there is a lot of red tape that makes the creative process harder. The mindset is different from the private sector and the production pace is much slower.

Web Designer in Milwaukee:

"Relaxed corporate atmosphere building enterprise software."

Pros: Very relaxed atmosphere: free coffee/soda, casual dress code, flexible schedule, etc. Lots of paid time off and paid holidays.

Source: www.payscale.com
What is Web Design
What is Web Design
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