Educational Computer games for Preschoolers free download

September 5, 2022
123 Kids Fun GAMES Free

Educational games that will keep your preschool and kindergarten age kids entertained while they are learning!

Helpful voice narrating, colorful graphics, and great sound effects will help your kids learn letters, spelling, math, and more!

We're still adding new games and updates, so if you unlock now you will get any future games! This free version includes 2 free games, unlock all 12 games through a simple in-app purchase.

- Shapes and Colors
- Letters
- Counting
- Memory
- Alphabet
- Addition
- Puzzles
- Spelling
- Subtraction
- Positions
- Nouns and Verbs
- Counting Down

If you are having issues with the sound stopping, or any other problems with the game, please email us at and we will get it fixed for you ASAP.

If you're enjoying the game then we'd love for you to leave us a review! Reviews help small developers like us keep improving this game.

Fun Learning Tool

by ediesgirl

Purchased for our 3yr old granddaughter. She enjoys it. I wish there were more games for 3yr olds. But I appreciate what there is and hope more will come. In the mean time we have taken her into an older set of games with impressive success.

Updated review because I want to add the developer is very responsive and supportive. I had an issue which he addressed professionally and very quickly. That counts for a lot to me.

Great for education!

by KeBooi

Have been using this with my kids. Excellent learning application. Almost beats the other education apps out there. Will definitely be using this more often to help my kids get ahead of the game. Excellent job!

Fun and Educational

by theBuggalo

This is a great game for kids to learn more about different subjects. It's simple enough to use that most kids can figure it out and rewarding that makes it fun. It's got a cute style to t and has a lot of content to unlock.

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Get free computer games for kids Free Computer games for
Get free computer games for kids Free Computer games for ...
Handwriting, ABC Learning. Education game FREE for kids
Handwriting, ABC Learning. Education game FREE for kids ...
Download Free Educational Games
Download Free Educational Games

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