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October 3, 2014
Building effective web design

What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Web Developer in West Palm Beach:

"Think like an entrepreneur."

Take ownership in the business. Innovate, self educate, and read everyday and you will never have to worry about getting paid enough.

Web Developer in Philadelphia:

"Have your role be clearly detailed."

Don't just presume that your job will entail what you think or hope or expect - or even what it lists in the job title. Also, often on the job description is listed many things you will never actually do or need to know. Discuss the position for which you are applying and attempt to determine what you will, in fact, be expected to do on a daily basis.

Web Developer in Valencia:

"Open Mind, Open Door."

In a large corporate environment, be prepared to have technologies placed on your lap that may not necessarily have been the solution you would have chosen. Hence, the title open mind, open door. Several years ago, I worked with a boss who, when change was forced upon us, would say "...you came here looking for work, you'll leave here looking for work." Welcome change and the challenges that it will bring.

Web Developer in Sacramento:

"Fast paces and constantly learning new technology."

You must be able to react in real time and handle requests coming in from multiple sources. Must balance design and development and stay educated on the newest technology.

Web Developer in San Francisco:

"So You Want To Be A Website Developer."

Listen to clients carefully (be a good listener). Give professional advice freely, paid or not. Show that you like to help people, the psycho-social reciprocity factor will prompt them to work with you. Don't be greedy. Do exceed expectations. Provide real creative value. Anyone can be a droid, but true creatives are very valuable. Don't over-specialize. Learn online marketing and persuasion and art and visual communication and tech skills. Outsource to expand the services you offer - you can be a project manager, even if you can't provide every skill set required for a project.

Source: www.payscale.com

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