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January 7, 2022
Web Design Courses – Reason To

Develop the skills necessary to specialize in website design with University of the Potomac. Flexible, online courses in web design and development, information technology, and cyber security can prepare you for a new career.

That’s the mission of The Potomac Workforce Training & Development Center, where a new series of Education-2-Employment classes are helping veterans, their family members, military servicemembers, career changers, and more find success in competitive new career fields.

Build upon basic web authoring skills with best practices in web design, tools and technologies. With a CIW Web Design Specialist course, you’ll earn a certificate that will prepare you to compete in our increasingly high-tech world. You’ll also finish the 12-month, mentor-supported program prepared to take the exam to earn CIW Web Design Specialist certification.

CIW certification is the world’s fastest growing vendor-neutral web technology certification program. It’s the educational standard that will set you and your proven abilities apart from other web designers, IT workers, graphic artists and business professionals. At University of the Potomac, you’ll learn:

  • An overview of web design concepts
  • Web development teams, including web project management
  • Web project management fundamentals, including documentation and communication
  • Website development, navigation and wireframes
Web Design Course
Web Design Course
Website Design Course
Website Design Course
Web Designing course
Web Designing course

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